How To Approach Any Girl

How to approach any girl

So this question remains the first!

To take things further whether you want to make her your girlfriend, or whatever kind of relationship you want to have with her, it can’t happen until you approach. Yes! She’s not going to approach you!

Now this is the biggest problem in India. Guys don’t know how to approach.. They spend weeks, months and sometime even years to approach because they just can’t . They don’t have the courage to or they don’t know what to say. And then there is the fear on rejection. OMG such a big fuc*in deal!

You are stuck up! You can’t focus on work , you can’t sleep cos all your mind is thinking of about that girl.. sounds relateable..?

I’ve been through this..and I know it’s horrible feeling to have!

But today, I’m going to tell you what’s going on and what you can do to eliminate this feeling and approach that girl you like! Excited aye...? Lets go.. I’m gonna take you through a eye opening enjoyable ride..

We have been socially conditioned not to approach women. It’s considered wrong, disrespectful and mean! Some even think of it as eve-teasing!

So the first step is to unwire this conditioning. We were all born alpha but our parents,society has tamed us so we can fit in the society. They want us to be mediocre irrelevant of whether you like it or not!

Lets get it clear first-
Approaching a girl is not wrong. It’s not mean , disrespectful or rude.
In fact what I’m going to tell you might shock you!
Girls like to be approached! Period! Now not by any guy but only by cool guys!

Now you may be asking yourself – Am I cool enough? Or not?

Understand this, you don’t have to be cool from the starting! Unwiring so many years of social conditioning is not that easy and takes time! However , a coach like me can help you do it 100x faster.

So you start by going out and approaching women and slowly you start to improve! It’s like any other skill! It can be learned and you can improve and get really good with time!

I still remember not being able to approach any girl, being so nervous during my first approach that my whole body was shivering. And today with the guidance and dedicated practice, I can make attracted any girl I want! Yes you read that right and you can too! It’s not that difficult!

Girls unlike guys don’t respond to looks! Like we get attracted to a girl immediately if she’s hot ! But girls on the other hand are not biologically wired to focus on looks!

What attracts girls?

Your personality and behavioral traits!Boom!
Always remember this!

So stop wasting your time and money on looks (Still groom good) and start focusing on your personality!

Okay after this revelation, let’s come you the topic where it started!

How do we approach?

->Minimise the time of reaction – Approach the girl When you see her! Yes! You don’t wait to make eye contact! You don’t think what to say! You just go in and approach!

-> What to say – Now this is gonna be surprising for you! Doesn’t matter what you say, she’s not gonna respond to your words! She responds to your personality ! That is focus on how you say words,!

-> State your interest– Tell her you like her! Yes get it off your chest! You’ll feel so liberated and free!

Now if she rejects you, the problem is not what you said! Or that she doesn’t like you! It’s because you are not attractive enough yet and by that I mean your skill level of getting girls is not that good and that my friend can be learned like I learnt it!
If you want to learn this and get beautiful women in your life, you can inquire for my coaching here

So I hope this helps you and finally you approach that girl you like and take things further!

This is Mohit
Until next time..

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